3 Things You Need to Know About The 2016 Elections and Leaked E-mails

While Barack Obama prepares for sanctions against the Russians for what he said was their role in ‘hacking’ the 2016 Presidential Election, here are the things you need to know that he and his media will not tell you:

  1. Nobody ‘hacked’ anything. What was revealed by WikiLeaks were LEAKS. Big difference. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has said early and often that he was given LEAKED e-mails by an operative inside the Democratic Party.
  2. Assange also said the Russians WERE NOT involved, more specifically he said it was not a ‘state actor.’
  3. What was contained in the e-mails that made Hillary and the Democrat Party look corrupt was accurate. NOBODY ever challenged their accuracy. Certainly, if the e-mails were fake or forged, that would’ve discredited the information entirely, but they were accurate.
  4. Oh — I have a bonus, #4. The e-mails revealed that the Democrat National Committee rigged their own primary in favor of Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders. Three top officials (including the Chair Person Debbie Wasserman Schultz lost their jobs over the revelation).
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