Democrats Also Boycotted Both Lincoln Inaugurations

By VivaLiberty Staff – Yes, the idea of Democrats boycotting an inauguration of a Republican president is nothing new, in fact, they boycotted the first inauguration of a Republican President, Abraham Lincoln. At least 60 Democrats say they are boycotting the inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday.

In the 16 weeks between Lincoln’s nomination in 1860 and his inauguration, 7 of the southern states seceded from the Union. They left the United States of America. Led by Democrat Jefferson Davis – Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas all left. A large majority of their delegates were Democrats.

The issue they left over was slavery. These Democrat states wanted to keep slavery and they were willing to fight a Civil War over it. In Lincoln’s second inaugural in 1864 the southern states were still locked in the Civil War and their Congressional delegation, of course, stayed away. This was the bloodiest war in American history and Democrats did not feel Lincoln was a legitimate President. He was Republican, after all.

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14 Comments on Democrats Also Boycotted Both Lincoln Inaugurations

  1. Lincoln was a liberal. The idea of ending slavery is EXTREMELY liberal by definition. Think, please; Lincoln is spinning in his grave right now every time one of these conservative dumb sh*ts tries to claim that Lincoln was of their party. No, Lincoln was a proud liberal Northerner. End of story.

    • Delusional Ted! Your revisionist history is absurd. The Republican Party was founded in 1859 with the idea of ending slavery in mind. The Democrats are the violators of civil rights all through history. They voted against, and lodge number, the civil rights Bill in 1964. That being said, their actions today show they are the real fascists and crybabies. Go read a book.

    • It all started with Andrew Jackson a DEMOCRAT. The lack of knowledge of basic history is astounding. I learned this in the 7th grade.

    • @TED Your version of history is not based on fact at all. Where did you come up with this crap? “ending slavery is EXTREMELY liberal by definition” makes no sense. There are documentaries that explain this starting with the father of keeping black as slaves, Andrew Jackson,a democrat. Here’s a new one.

  2. Hey Ted, I advise you to learn a little about history. Lincoln was a Republican. Even during the civil rights movement the party against it was the Democrats.

  3. Going back to the beginnings of our Republic , the Founders and the Framers knew they couldn’t do anything about Slavery at that moment. The Declaration of Independence states this clearly ! They knew Slavery would have to be dealt with in a future generation , hence they made crystal clear in the Constitution Amendments dealing with this eventuality! Read these Documents and The Declaration of Independence clearly states it is “EVIDENT THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” That directly relates to Slavery and is a Spiritual DOCUMENT for the ages to live by. I dare anyone to read these documents and not come away with the special insights the GREAT MEN of this era in the BIRTH of our NATION had in mind !

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