First Lawsuit Filed Against MGM Over Mandalay Bay Shooting

A college student wounded in the Las Vegas mass shooting last week has sued MGM Resorts International, the concert promoter and bump stock manufacturers, blaming them for allowing gunman Stephen Paddock to carry out the massacre, CNN reported.

 The lawsuit, filed by Paige Gasper, accuses MGM Resorts International, which owns the venue where the festival was held, and the Mandalay Bay hotel, where Paddock opened fire from an upper-floor suite, should have done more to stop him from spraying gunfire on a crowd of thousands attending a country-music festival below. It also questions why hotel staff at the Mandalay Bay didn’t notice Paddock’s behavior leading up to the shooting, and accuses the resort of failing to respond to the shooting of security guard Jesus Campos, who went to Paddock’s suite not long before the shooting began, in a timely manner.

Campos had gone to the 32nd floor of the resort — the floor where Paddock was staying — to check on an alert from another guest room.

The suit, which also names the estate of Stephen Paddock and several other entities as defendants, comes as a confusing timeline of the events of that night changes, and could continue to change, according to Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo. However, Lombardo refuses “to say that somebody dropped the ball,” according to CNN.

Gasper’s legal team says the suit isn’t about money, rather it’s about improving security and protocols at hotels and similar venues. Her attorneys claim MGM should have more closely monitored the hotel and its guests and noticed Paddock carrying a vast amount of weapons to a hotel room. Additionally, the lawsuit contends, MGM could have responded faster when they learned Campos had been shot. Failure on both of these counts, the lawsuit alleges, enabled one of its guests “to commit a mass shooting unencumbered.”


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