Miserable Debut for Megyn Kelly on NBC, Ratings Disaster!

(Angry Patriot) – It’s always nice to see liberal talking heads in the media get their comeuppance. And it’s especially gratifying when a turncoat gets a taste off some hard medicine.

Sunday night saw the premiere of Megyn Kelly’s new program on NBC. To get a big start, Kelly launched her show by interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin. But Megyn is now having to face some bad news: the ratings for her debut were ABYSMAL, falling even behind a 60 Minutes rerun on CBS!

Both 60 Minutes and Megyn’s show aired at 7 p.m. Sunday. The CBS rerun got 6.6 million viewers while Megyn Kelly’s debut got only 6.1 million (via The Wrap). Ouch! Losing to a rerun? Sad!

Not only did Megyn lose big league when it comes to ratings, which puts her in trouble with her bosses at NBC, her interview performance with Putin was universally panned. Everyone from conservatives to liberals agrees she got CREAMED!

Throughout her conversation with the Russian President, Megyn focused obsessively on the Russian collusion conspiracy theory being peddled by the Left. Her statements and questions betray her submission to her new globalist media masters: she continually referred to the Russian conspiracy as being the “consensus” among Americans.

“Consensus”? What planet is Megyn living on? The Russia collusion myth is only a “consensus” among the alt-left crazies on Salon and Vox! Even most regular Democrat voters realize there’s no basis to the fake media hysteria.


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