NY Times Deceptively Compares Photos of NE Patriots White House Visit

Hey NYT, context is a horrible thing to waste.

The New York Times, in an effort to deceive the public, showed two photos of the New England Patriots visit to the Donald Trump White House.

The 2015 photo is compared to the 2017 photo of the visit of the Super Bowl Champions. They wanted to show how many fewer Patriots visited Trump in 2017 than visited Barack Obama in 2015.

The Patriots took the time to explain that in the bottom photo (2017) that most of the staff were actually seated out of camera view and they can clearly be seen in the 2015 photo. The NYT never bothered to include that fact and instead chose to post the photos out of context so they could create a false impression.

For the record. 36 Patriots players visited in 2015, 34 players in 2017.


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