NY Times Wins Pulitzer for Trump/Russia Story, Now Seen as Fake News

The New York Times has won the Pulitzer Prize in International Reporting for their Russia scaremongering in 2016. This leads to one question — are the Pulitzers anything more than a booby prize for the opposition party election losers?

According to the Pulitzer website, the New York Times won “for agenda-setting reporting on Vladimir Putin’s efforts to project Russia’s power abroad, revealing techniques that included assassination, online harassment and the planting of incriminating evidence on opponents.” In two short years we’ve gone from feminists testifying to the United Nations about online harassment to a Pulitzer awarded for coverage of online harassment. What a world we live in! This isn’t an isolated case either — David Fahrenthold won the Pulitzer in National Reporting for trolling Trump over charitable contributions. Fahrenthold also helped break the “pussygate” story, which only the Pulitzer committee actually remembers.

The committee that selected the New York Times is filled with professors and media honchos. I think it’s safe to assume they collectively own very few MAGA hats, so trying to soothe the wounds of the most mainstream of mainstream media newspapers seems reasonable. It does call the award’s credibility into question, however, especially when you consider what the Pulitzer medal has printed on it: “for disinterested and meritorious public service rendered by an American newspaper during the year 2016.” Does that describe the New York Times by any stretch of the imagination? As I’ve written previously, the Times and their cohorts continue to chase the Russia story in vain while ignoring the surveillance of Trump during the election.


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