Seth Rich Family Detective Drops Bombshell on Hannity – VIDEO

Cristina Laila – Rod Wheeler is the detective who was hired by Seth Rich’s family back in March to help solve the murder of their son. Wheeler spoke to Hannity tonight and dropped a bombshell about how the D.C. police tipped off the DNC that he had been hired ‘to snoop around’.

Sean Hannity reiterated that every time he personally asked Julian Assange if the Russians were involved, he said absolutely not. Given Wikileaks’ 11 year history of never being proven wrong, it’s safe to say that Julian Assange is being truthful.

Detective, Rod Wheeler said he hasn’t even seen Seth Rich’s computer. He asked both the D.C. police department and the FBI where Rich’s computer is and they claim they don’t know.

A very credible federal investigator on the inside is the one who laid eyes on Seth Rich’s computer and saw the case file. He is the one who relayed information to the detective that Seth Rich had been emailing Wikileaks. Every time the detective brings up Wikileaks to the police department, they shut him down.


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