The Left Freaks Out As Everything It Tries Makes It Look Stupider

By Kurt Schlichter – Name one normal person who has watched the leftist freak out and said, “Yeah, I’m convinced. That severed Trump head Kathy Griffin is hauling around? Really makes you think.” It sure does – normal people think, “Thank you, Lord, for helping America dodge that drunken, malignant bullet the liberals fired at us.”

But then nothing the liberals have done since last November’s humiliation has sought to expand the Democrats’ constricted base to include us normals. Instead, everything they have done seems designed solely to appeal to the coastal snobs and welfare cheats who are already committed to liberal fascism, and to demonstrate to everyone else how right we were to reject that pant-suited Chavez wannbe.

When you watch what they’re doing in response to normal Americans standing up and asserting the right to govern ourselves, you see the progressives making the losers’ choice at every turn. From concocting elaborate Russian fantasies – I keep expecting someone to demand Trump make Moscow General Hospital release his original birth certificate – to applauding performance art designed to make regular people gag, they choose wrong. And we can safely point this out because they’re too smug and/or stupid to listen.

This has been going on for a long time. A few years ago it was their collective swoon over the scuzzy shenanigans of the filthy lowlifes of what they called the “Occupy Movement.” But that Astroturf farce was only a “movement” to the extent that progs imagined that footage of its coterie of clowns executing bowel movements against cop cars was going to win over normal people.


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  1. [ came from cuba in 1961 then I was a democrat kennedy sunk us into abrutal dictador the liberals said he saved the world,he was a sick womanizer the liberals called it Camelot, castro has been behind all the drugs in latin America train the terrorist to fight in Salvador,nicaragua,colombia,chile, mexico,peru,bolivia,santodomingo,jamaica,every country in the world including,palestinians,arabs, all of Africa, now American students go to cuba in a cultural exchange,and the communist students come here now we ask whats happening with the liberals, they are communist

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