The REAL History of ‘Earth Day,’ Leftist Holiday, Lenin’s Birthday

Earth Day was created on April 22, 1970 on the 100th anniversary of Vladimir Illich Ulianov’s (aka Lenin) birthday. And you know who created it? You guessed right!!

A Demotraitor (aka “DemocRat”), of course.  It was created by an exquisitely-dressed leftist by the name of Gaylord Nelson, a “progressive” Demotraitor U.S. Senator for Connecticut.·

Most non-leftist Americans –ignorant as American generally are in terms of history mainly due to the way the Left has corrupted, degraded, corroded and prostituted K-12 government-controlled education– haven’t caught it yet. (Do your job, pass this around!!!)·

The same way, most non-leftist Americans didn’t grasp Obama’s true nature as the consummate hardcore-Left ideologue and operative he is…until it was too late. Here we are, in a nail-hanger, facing all the destruction that such malevolent miscreant, Obama, has inflicted on America…thanks to the vote of millions of ignoramuses, and leftists of course.

Even some “conservative” pundits don’t know about the leftist scheme that Earth Day comes from, even at this time, even at this dreadful age when a Marxist-Leninist is squatting on White House premises. (Read J.B. Williams’ DC Knows that Obama is Ineligible for Office)

And you’ll see in two days the exuberant celebrations of Lenin Day under the guise of Earth day by the Obama regime, along with the DemoRat Party and the rest of the hardcore Left, which includes the “mainstream” media (have you noticed how rabidly those leftist hacks posing as anchors defend Obama’s not showing his birth certificate when interviewing Donald Trumperot?), entertainment, academia, organized labor, the intelligentsia and many other hardcore-Left fronts.

It will be a huge feast that even some non-leftists will join.


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