The Subtle Bias of Acronyms; FDR, JFK and LBJ

There is no question the love the Old Media has for their ‘legendary’ Democrat politicians, but there is a rather interesting way that they make sure their leftist legends live in infamy. Acronyms. Yes, it does display a reverence and an affinity when acronyms are given to political figures. FDR, JFK, LBJ, RFK, the list goes on.

When one of the Old Media’s favorite figures reaches legendary status in their minds, they assign the acronym. I challenge you to find a Republican figure where the same treatment is given. Ronald Wilson Reagan was never ‘RWR’. The only reason Barack Obama has not been given the full acronym treatment is that ‘BHO’ sounds a little funky.

Democrats are given this unique status during life and it, of course, is carried on as long as history lives. Lyndon Baines Johnson was a brutal politician and a horrible president with his escalation of the Vietnam War and his failed “War on Poverty” – still he gets the acronym treatment. He’s a leftist, he earned it. Martin Luther King is ‘MLK’ (while I’m on the topic, notice the left rarely calls King; ‘Reverend King,’ they call him ‘Dr. King’. It’s clear Reverend King’s motivation behind his historic message of equality and peace was rooted in religion. The doctorate he earned was in theology. I personally believe a religious title means more than one obtained at a secular university).

I would also argue that this bias is so subtle that the Old Media is probably not even aware they give the ‘acronym treatment’ only to their revered Democrat politicians, but they do.

I challenge you to find a conservative Republican who has been granted this legendary distinction by the media. Certainly, there will never be a ‘DJT.’


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