Time Magazine Calls for Trump Impeachment

It has begun. Time Magazine has called on Congress to impeach Donald Trump.

Their argument: Trump has a conflict of interest problem because of his business interests around the world. Forget the fact that they have found no conflict of interest, they are just saying it could happen. This is the same Time Magazine that called Hillary Clinton an “American Moses” and found no conflicts with the corrupt “Clinton Foundation” and it’s business interests around the world with donors to her campaign. See: Saudis. Nothing to see there, says Time.

Time ignores the fact that Trump is taking no salary while President and is returning to the US Treasury any profits made off room fees for any foreign diplomats who stay at any of his properties while he is in the White House.

This call for impeachment will happen early and often during the Trump presidency and it will be over this same issue and likely others. It is irrelevant and foolish, but needs to be ‘called out’ when it shows its ugly partisan head.

Further evidence that the Leftist Old Corrupt Media is out of touch with America.

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  1. Just like Atlantic City, shooting from the hip. The Russians bailed him out. Who’s gonna bail the US out. He never tells the truth…when will he be the boy who cried wolf. When will all 600+ members of Congress send him packing

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